WHO’s the fastest…

No sleeping in on a Saturday for Greenbox, we were up and at them by 9am.

The house was chocker-block with banana boxes full of Claire and family’s worldly belongings, we’ve never seen so many. Thank goodness for Morrisons and our love of the yellow fruit.

Claire was brilliant, so full of energy, and her two children – Carla and Grace – were certainly a chip off the old block. They were super-fast as well, and the human chain we formed must have knocked an hour off the job, which was great for Claire as she was paying the hourly rate.

Carla – a Whovian – knew her stuff about the vagabond Timelord though I may have known a little more as it was staple television when I was her age… and I’m still quite partial now! I’ve included a little picture of Matt Smith as he’s her favourite (if it had been mine it would have been Tom Baker…. Obviously!)