Where Can I Get Free Removal Boxes In Leeds?

Good question! Anyone moving house should be considering this.

I often get asked if I can provide boxes for house removals. People are more than happy to buy boxes for their house removals but the way I see it there are plenty of boxes being unpacked everyday, which are then squished and recycled. Why not try to get some of these? This saves you money and mother nature her valuable resources.

So where can I get free boxes in Leeds? Here are 3 places you could try:

  • The best place for ‘Free Cardboard Boxes’, and a place I used when I moved house, is McDonalds. The boxes they use there, and then send off for recycling, are a good, sturdy quality and can carry a lot of weight. They can be used for packing anything from books to bibelots and from toys to tinned food. I found the best time to go was just after lunch-time, when they were quiet but had plenty of empty boxes from what they had used in the morning. Just pop to the counter and ask for some boxes and the staff there always oblige. You can find your nearest McDonalds by clicking here.
  • Banana boxes are great for packing in and very easy to stack on. These too can carry a lot of weight so are fantastic for putting your household belongings into. I would recommend the ones from Sainsburys as the lids on these are solid cardboard. Also, Sainsburys’ staff were so lovely when I used them for boxes. I called up in the evening and when I went the next day to collect them, the staff had them all ready for me on a trolley and even wheeled them out to my car. It was a fabulous service. You can find your nearest Sainsburys by clicking here.
  • You can also find boxes on social groups. Just type in ‘Free Cardboard Boxes’ into Facebook Marketplace and see what comes up. I always recommend my clients put their used boxes on Marketplace once they have unpacked. Keep them alive, I say. And even if you can’t get them for free, some people sell them on at a massively reduced rate.

With an average 3 bed property needing between 80-100 boxes to pack everything into and the average (double walled) box costing about £3 there are some good savings to be made from scouting around.

And let’s not forget the feelgood factor about reusing rather than buying new. It’s the green thing to do. In fact, you could say reused boxes are Greenboxes!

Where Can I Get Free Removal Boxes In Leeds?