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Your Guide to Helping Elderly Parents Move

May 7, 2024 | Moving tips

Planning Ahead: Preparing for the Move

Assessing Needs and Preferences

  • Sit down with your parents to discuss their needs and preferences for their new home.
  • Consider factors like accessibility, proximity to medical facilities, and community amenities.

Decluttering and Downsizing

  • Help your parents declutter their current home by sorting through belongings.
  • Assist in deciding what to keep, donate, or discard to simplify the moving process.

Researching Housing Options

  • Explore various housing options suitable for elderly individuals, such as retirement communities, assisted living facilities, or smaller homes.
  • Visit potential residences together to ensure they meet your parents’ requirements.

Organising the Move: Logistics and Support

Hiring Professional Movers

  • Research and hire reputable moving companies experienced in assisting seniors.
  • Ensure the movers are equipped to handle fragile items and provide necessary assistance.

Packing and Labelling

  • Assist your parents in packing their belongings systematically, labelling boxes clearly for easy unpacking.
  • Pack essential items separately for quick access upon arrival at the new home.

Arranging Transportation

  • Coordinate transportation arrangements for moving day, considering your parents’ mobility needs.
  • Arrange for a comfortable vehicle equipped with ramps or lifts if necessary.

Managing the Transition: Emotional Support

Addressing Emotional Concerns

  • Acknowledge and validate your parents’ feelings about leaving their current home.
  • Offer reassurance and support throughout the moving process, emphasising the positive aspects of the transition.

Creating a Familiar Environment

  • Arrange the new living space to resemble the layout and décor of their previous home.
  • Incorporate familiar belongings and cherished mementos to create a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Encouraging Social Connections

  • Facilitate opportunities for your parents to meet new neighbours and engage in community activities.
  • Encourage participation in social gatherings and events to combat feelings of isolation.

Settling In: Adjusting to the New Home

Unpacking and Organising

  • Unpack belongings efficiently, prioritising essential items for immediate use.
  • Organise the living space according to your parents’ preferences to promote a sense of autonomy and control.

Establishing Routines

  • Help your parents establish daily routines tailored to their new environment.
  • Schedule regular activities and outings to explore the neighbourhood and build connections.

Providing Ongoing Support

  • Continue to offer support and assistance as your parents adjust to their new home.
  • Address any challenges or concerns promptly, seeking solutions together as a family.


Assisting elderly parents in moving house can be a complex process involving logistical coordination and emotional support. By planning ahead, organising the move efficiently, and providing ongoing assistance, you can help ease the transition and ensure a smooth relocation experience for your loved ones.

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Grief Series
We have used Greenbox Removals over the years for a number of various jobs & each time the service has been wonderful. Definitely recommend to anybody who wants a highly organised, prompt, professional & friendly removals service. Thanks again so much.
I would definitely recommend Ed and his team. They helped us move house recently from Leeds to Gateshead. There was great communication throughout the process and they arrived promptly on moving day. They put us at ease with what can be a stressful process. They were reasonably priced too, charging a lot less than other quotes we had.
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Emma Harveyq
Really excellent service from owner Edward and mover Dan - organised, helpful, friendly, polite and caring. All good - def recommend.
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Glenys Mitchell
Just amazing....from the 1st enquiry with Edward to meeting Dan and Harry on removal day.....organised, hard working, respectful, approachable, polite and kind. They worked well as a team and moved all my worldly goods smoothly and with great care. I can highly recommend!!!
Edward and his team were absolutely fantastic. Really helpful, organised and got everything sorted for us at both ends of the move. Thanks again - we really appreciated the great service!
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Katie Moore
Ed and Dan were brilliant - arrived promptly, so friendly and got us sorted with ease. Leeds - Norfolk in a matter of hours! Would absolutely recommend them! Thank you! (Katie and Jack)
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Laura Craig
Thank you so much for making a stressful move extremely pain free. Ed and Dan were both incredibly professional, friendly and skillfull- making the day so easy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for whatever size of move, and I will be definitely booking them for the next part of my move. Thank you again!
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Nick Saxton
I used Greenbox for a recent house move in Leeds and they were absolutely brilliant! Super friendly and nothing was too much trouble. Would absolutely recommend to anyone.
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Ashlea-Ann Osborne
Amazing service! I would not use another service. They are brilliant and great value. Thank you!!!
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We can't thank Ed and the boys enough for all their hard work, patience, skill and Professionalism, they were amazing. We would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much

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