House Removals: Wakefield District, 3 Times in a week!

Strangely, as we don’t go there too often, Greenbox Removals have completed 3 house moves to/from the WF postcode recently. There was Pauline, Andrew and then finally Gillian on Friday. Each of them found the best removal team in the area via a Google search so we must be doing something right.

All three house moves around Wakefield went wonderfully. Unfortunately there was a bit of waiting round time on Friday when we moved Gillian (sadly monies didn’t transfer very quickly) but it did give us an opportunity for us to hear about her hobby that became her profession. Gillian has just retired from being a gardener and so has an absolutely perfect lawn, apparently she hasn’t touched it since October. It’s all in the timings…. And the feed and the years and years of nurturing. It really was a very healthy looking patch of grass. She will miss it but I’m sure the grass will be greener at her new property. The house move was certainly a Green one!