Popular new way to do House Moves

Tips for making a great video survey of your home!

1. One Shot

If possible, try to video your property in one continuous shot as the space for moving in and out of the rooms is just as important as the room itself. If easier, you may wish to group sections of your house together, such as the downstairs, moving between floors and then the upstairs.

2. Video it all

Make sure to show each room in its entirety so as we can see the size of the space and the items within it

3. Going Up… and down

Show us the staircase/s so we can see if there will be any issues bringing items down between floors. Steps or access outside the property should also be filmed

4. The Big Items

Let us know of any large items that will require dismantling/reassembling (such as beds/wardrobes). Typically these will be items that were assembled within the property. If items were brought up in one piece then we’ll know that they can be transported down without the need for dismantling.

5. What’s Inside

Whilst we don’t need to see inside all your drawers and cupboards, we will need to see inside any inbuilt cupboards to gauge if there are extra items that we will need to take – especially if they won’t be packed in boxes prior to the move

6. The Extras

Don’t forget to film anything that is coming from your attic, garden or garage including potted plants, garden furniture, bikes, play equipment and gardening tools.

7. Getting in and out

So we can plan your move day effectively, please video the access to your property including the driveway and roadside. We will need to determine how and where we can park our van(s) to minimise disruption to neighbours and minimise distance to transport your items.

8. Keep Talking

Whilst we need to see the space and items in your property, the video is also a chance for you to tell us which items are staying, going, particularly heavy or precious.

9. Don’t forget your details!

Please ensure that you tell us your name, current address and new address on the video and supporting What’s App message. This ensures we tie the correct video to the correct record and get you an accurate quote.

Once done, simply What’s App the video to Greenbox on 07794 032081 or email it to edward@greenboxremovals.co.uk If you have any questions about making your video, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.