Super Fast Saturday House Move from Leeds to Harrogate

When I first spoke to James about his move from Big Yellow Storage to Harrogate we thought his move may take quite a long time, with two trips in two vans.

I hadn’t seen his storage space(250 square ft) and how it was packed prior but when we turned up on the day – a lovely, though windy day – with two vans and two men the job wasn’t quite as large as we had assumed.

It was made even easier, and quicker, by James and his friend Fraser who were super speedy getting all the items out of the unit on trollies whilst Las and I loaded up the vans, utilising every last drop of space.

We pretty much got it all on two vans and the remainder wasn’t much; James said that he could manage that himself rather than doing another trip. So what was anticipated as being perhaps a 7 hour job only took 4. Particularly good for James as he was paying the hourly rate.

Couldn’t have worked for more pleasant folks and we had the whole Saturday afternoon to relax, whilst James and his partner – Sam – had the unenviable job of unpacking!