Student Move from University of Leeds

Strange thing happened today; whilst we was returning some keys for a some work we did for a student housing organisation near the University of Leeds a student – lovely young lady called Evar – approached us and asked us if we wouldn’t mind helping her to get her art work home to Hyde Park. Always the co-operative company, and as we were in between jobs, Greenbox Removals happily obliged.

There were two gigantic pictures, perhaps 7ft long each as well as numerous other smaller prints, some framed. We loaded them all up and off we went.

Evar had just finished her degree in Art & Design where she got a first, no less. I’m sure she will go on to do awesome work in art as the items we moved were quite exquisite and there’s some very imaginative work on her website at:

It was a really quick student move from University of Leeds and, as I’m a big art lover, a really very interesting one.