Student House Removals in Leeds

It’s that time of year when student’s house contracts finish and they take to the roads with shopping trolleys full of bags, pushing sofas covered in their worldy belongings from one house in LS6 to their new house in LS6.

Sometimes though, the shopping trolley isn’t big enough or the sofa has a broken castor and that’s where Greenbox Removals comes in.

We completed three student house removals in Leeds today, all of them done swiftly (though we did have to wake one student up!) and at an affordable price for a student pocket.

Kayleigh was ready though and she was all packed up and at the door when I turned up at 8.30am. It was a very smooth student house move and Kayleigh was a great help. Unfortunately the poor girl was the last to leave her house in Headingley so she had to make sure that the house was clean when she gave the keys back to her landlord. If there’s a valuable lesson to be learnt about student housing, it’s never leave last!