Student House Move in Leeds

Greenbox Removals completes a student house move in Leeds.

We began at St Marks Flats at the University, then onto a house in Hyde Park to pick up some more items, finally finishing up in Burley to drop everything off at their new home (or at least a temporary home until they can move into their new home on Tuesday).

It was strange doing the first collection at St Marks, as I used to live there at the turn of the millennium. It was dingy,shoe-box rooms with vivid primary coloured walls back then; now the rooms are enormous, the walls are subtle and there are skylights giving the place an airy feel. Now there’s progress….

The move for Carla and Shaun went very well and they had plenty of friends to help unload. A great relocation and it was very interesting to hear about D&D, it really took me back to the salad days of my youth.

And also, Carla told me that it only ever snows in Johannesburg about once every 25 years…. sounds brilliant. Snow is a removal man’s greatest foe.