Yesterday we moved Tom’s stock of packaging from his storage unit in Leeds to Big Yellow Storage. Tom’s business is a sweet one – donuts! He runs the very popular ‘doh’hut’ in Trevelyan Square.

It was ace to hear about how he started with a food truck, touring festivals with his superb treats, honing his skills and his recipe and then, amazingly, he won the 2018 British Street Food competition. But it didn’t end there as their doughnut went on to Germany to win the best desert in the European Street Food competition of the same year. And it doesn’t even end there, as Tom was telling me that he’s opening up another  ‘doh’hut’ in the next fortnight in the Big Smoke. From Leeds to London, this donut is rolling around the country.

Best of luck with it Tom!

To find out more about the story behind ‘doh’hut’ and Tom’s epic story, click here.

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