Stairs, Stairs and More Stairs

Sunday – a day of rest. Well not for Greenbox Removals.

I’d spoken to Sonny before the move and he’d given me clear details about what was to be relocated and also, that there were a lot of stairs involved. Sonny was very accurate on both fronts.

We got the house move completed in two hours, which is exactly what we’d priced for. Sonny, and his fiancee Ella, had moved all the boxes and small items themselves so we were just to do the large items. So they must have been up and down those stairs 3 or 4 times more than we did. I felt like we should have been sucking sweeties as I’m sure the altitude pressure changed we were so high!

It was all complete swiftly though and it was lovely meeting Sonny again – I’d done some work for him before – and Ella too. Great couple and I wish them all the best in their shared flat.