Pudsey to Pudsey House Removal

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday, not too hot though – a perfect day for a small house move, or two.

First one we completed was a move from Holbeck to Holbeck. Very short and sweet with the minimum amount of fuss.

We were then due to meet Andy and Trish in Pudsey at 3pm but, as we were early, we gave them a call to see if we could begin any earlier. Andy was very accommodating and said that would be fine.

When we got to Andy and Trish’s house they had everything ready and, almost, everything downstairs ready to go – a military style operation. It didn’t take long to load up and even less time to unload, and as it was a Pudsey to Pudsey move, the whole job took a little under an hour and half.

Andy and Trish were lovely and full of energy. Their son -Danny – was a little less full. He’d just finished his GCSEs and that, along with helping his Dad get everything ready for us, had taken it’s toll on the 16 year old. Not that I think he was too bothered about it. Ah, to be 16 again, care free. Salad days.

A great house removal. Great customers.