No Rest for The Wicked

Well the lead up to Christmas is certainly a busy time, and not just for getting all those presents bought and wrapped. Greenbox Removals is completely booked up till Christmas Eve.

On Friday we completed a move for Andrew and Donna from Bramley to Morley, Leeds. They were very well prepared with the majority of items already in the garage all boxed up, and everything fitted perfectly on the van. Because they were buying a new build the buying process went smoothly and they could pick up the keys from 12.30pm meaning there was no waiting about. The move went swimmingly and they were a great help at the new house – though Andrew must have been desperate for us to finish, he’d only had 3 hours sleep from finishing a night shift late! I did felt for him and his sleep deprivation as I’ve got a 3 month old son.

Donna was fantastic, pointing us in the right direction of where all the boxes should go, and providing us with plenty of hot beverages!
A really enjoyable house move for a really lovely couple.