Long Distance Drop Off for Jillings Baddeley Leeds

Greenbox Removals has been working with Jillings Baddeley now for over a year and we’ve done a number of long distance drop-offs for them.

We really enjoy working with Jillings Baddeley as they share the same principles as Greenbox Removals, principally the desire to keep things alive as long as possible, refurbish where required and give furnishings a second life.

Jillings Baddeley are a reupholstery firm based in Armley, Leeds. They can strip off any chair/sofa etc of its old fabric and put a replacement cloth on so it looks as good as new. Quite often bases are absolutely fine and have an interesting shape, sometimes these are from the 70s and so are difficult to pick up nowadays. To give them a new cover means that you get a great sofa at half the cost of buying new – saving money and the environment.

They can be found at: https://www.jillingsbaddeley.co.uk/