Let it snow…. but just as Greenbox goes…

On Saturday we completed a housemove for Antonia from Monk Fryston to Wakefield.

Because it was a 40 minute drive from our base I hadn’t managed to visit Antonia to quote but she gave me a very specific list, via email, so the price was given on that.

I’m not sure I’ve seen such an organised person in all my years of doing housemoves. Antonia is a big Ikea fan and had lots of the their furniture, and she and her husband had dismantled everything perfectly and had it all nicely stacked in various rooms of the house, all exactly how she had described in her email.

Everything was boxed well.
Everything was in the exact location she had described in her email and went to the precise place in her new house that she had detailed as well.

In retrospect I should have asked Antonia what she did for a living, her talents would be well suited to a logistical position as, because of her and Nikos, the move went brilliantly. And just as we finished, it started to snow! I’m not sure that she had that in her plan but it wouldn’t have surprised me if she did!