Leeds to York

Completed a house move yesterday for Fiona and Mark and, although we’ve been doing this for over two years now, we learnt something new. To save time taking all (ordered) cds out of the cd cabinets, Mark and Fiona had shrink wrapped them so they transported without any disruption. This also saved space on the van. Brilliant idea. I’ll be recommending it to all future clients.

The move went fine and Fiona was amazing, keeping us fuelled up with Kit Kats and coffee throughout.

When we were all done and dusted, they asked us what they should do with their boxes. Boxes are so expensive to buy new and I recommended putting them on Gumtree. That’s what I would do. You make a little bit of cash back, help someone else reduce their moving costs and also help mother nature not sacrifice more of her trees. Hopefully Fiona and Mark will get a taker.