It wasn’t like yesterday…

No, plenty of stairs today. More stars than an M.C. Escher picture!

It was easy enough though as there were three of us completing the move and the customers – Becky and Jamie – were a great help. They were very organised and made us lots of drinks to keep us fuelled.

They were real good fun and I’m chuffed that they have found themselves a lovely house, only a stones throw away from their previous third floor flat abode. It took us about 72 seconds to drive there, we didn’t even bother changing to second gear!

And how strange to discover that both Becky and I went to the same school as kids – Newcastle-Under-Lyme. And her Dad frequently visits the marina near to my parents house in Swanley, Cheshire. And just to add to it all, Jamie and Becky were moving next door to a friend of mine’s parents at Huntington Crescent. Small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it.