House Removal: Pudsey

It’s always a pleasure to move people when they are well prepared, it really helps us do our job. 

Tracey and her mum,  Dorothy, were only moving a short distance,  from Pudsey to Morley,  but it was going to make a big difference in their lives.  The ground floor flat is much closer to Tracey’s work and the stairlessness is going to make everything easier (including our job!)

They were all packed up and ready to go when we arrived bright and early. They decided they would take all the boxes and little items to keep the cost down so just wanted Greenbox to move the furniture (and dismantle the three doored wardrobe).

It was great to hear about Dorothy’s travels and jet-set life as I reassembled her wardrobe,  she’s certainly made the most of her 81 years.

They were both so happy when we finished getting everything in, though they did have quite a lot of unpacking to do. However, I’m sure that they would have rocketed through that in no time.

House Removal: Pudsey