House Removal: Leeds to Huddersfield

We completed a house move for Ellen from Big Yellow Storage in Leeds to Huddersield last Friday. 

Big Yellow Storage was surprisingly quiet for a Friday,  though I guess we were there at 9am, it typically gets busier early afternoon. This meant we had the run of the trolleys and the two lifts,  and we had plenty of room to park. 

Ellen’s belongings had already travelled up from London where they have been held with Big Yellow until she found a place to rent.  

The house move went without a hitch and we got her a van full of furniture,  boxes and bags over to her house and unloaded in great time. 

It still amazes me the difference in price between accommodation in London and further up north;  Ellen is paying half the amount for twice as much space in Huddersfield – now that’s crazy maths!