House Removal from Leeds to York

Another smooth move of a house removal from Leeds to York completed on Thursday.

Debbie had been living on a narrowboat for the last few years with all her items packed up in storage but, with the cost of storage increasing as well as the mooring at the mariner, she decided to get back to bricks and mortar. We’d moved Debbie into Big Yellow Storage pre-covid so she’d enjoyed life on the water during those turbulent times.

Everything was perfectly preserved in the storage unit and all the screws were still in the dismantled bed allowing us to reassemble it with ease once we had completed her house removal from Leeds to York.

It’s been a couple of months since we were last in York but we do love the place, such a fantastic city. However, Debbie says that she’ll be looking at moving back to Leeds within the year and she’ll be giving us a call when she does.