House Removal from Leeds to Wakefield

Another successful house removal from Leeds to Wakefield completed yesterday. Paul had used us the week before for the first leg of the house move as he wanted to do it in stages to make the unpacking easier. I can completely understand that, as my mum once said – if you’re going to eat an elephant, do it one bite at a time!

So the second leg of the house removal from Leeds to Wakefield was accomplished today, with the final stretch (taking some unwanted items to charity – SLATE) taking place on Thursday.

Greenbox love doing moves to Wakefield, it’s only a short trip and we can usually get the move done pretty swiftly, like we did today.

It’s been wonderful spending so much time with Paul – he’s a great guy with a tranquil aura. He also likes his art, which I do too. We spoke about the Hepworth Wakefield which I haven’t been to in several years now but I will be certainly going again soon. Such a fantastic building from the inside and the outside.