House Removal from Leeds to Manchester

Greenbox helped William with his house removal from Leeds to Manchester today from a second floor flat to a third floor flat. There were a lot of stairs, and no lift, but it didn’t bother us – stairs are good for the heart!

William was great – he didn’t need to help but he insisted. And at his new flat in Manchester there were more helping hands as his sisters – Maggie and Caroline – were there to assist.

What a lovely family.

And it was wonderful to talk about Nantwich (my home town) with Maggie. She had spent time there when she had done her teacher training in Crewe back in the 70s. Seems like we both have enjoyed a coffee at the incredibly old, fantastically preserved Churche’s Mansion.

I even discovered a little more about my home town from Maggie. I didn’t know that during the Great Fire of Nantwich in 1583, four bears were set free into the town. Apparently this aided the fire spreading as everyone was too frightened to go out and throw water on the fire for fear of being eaten! Click here for more info:

That’s the great thing about house removals from Leeds to Manchester, or Leeds to York or… anywhere really. With a house removal you meet different people and go to different places every day. Every day you can learn something new.