House Removal From Leeds to Leeds

It’s always a great experience moving our clients into their new home. They’re always so very grateful to the removal team for making this final stage of the journey seamless, after what is typically a long and arduous time getting all the ducks lined up and ready to go. So, there’s a certain amount of relief when all the monies have exchanged, they have the keys and everything is set up in their new home. And obviously they’re over the moon that they’re in their lovely new home and another chapter in their lives has just begun.

And this is how it went yesterday with Sue and Nigel. It was just a small house removal from Leeds to Leeds, LS6 to LS15. When we loaded the vans in LS6 we started with the bedrooms first. On moving the double bed, we noticed a small ring on the floor which must have been lying beneath the base so we put it on the window sill to prevent it getting vacuumed up in the final clean. A little later, Sue came down the stairs with a great big smile on her face and a huge hug for us. We had found her diamond Tiffany ring she had lost a few months back! She was chuffed to bits as it was her favourite ring and she’d thought she’d lost it for good.

So, at the end of the day, when everything was in their new bungalow in Temple Newsam, Sue and Nigel were twice as happy as our usual clients.

House Removal from Leeds to Leeds