House Removal from Leeds to Birmingham

Today Greenbox completed a house removal from Leeds to Birmingham for Gerry. It was a 2.5 hour drive and we talked plenty about computer software/advertising/SEO and a whole manner of things that Gerry has knowledge of though his work. It was an illuminating journey and the time tripped along at a great rate.

At the Leeds end Anna made us a nice coffee with some biscuits and we discussed the book she’s about to publish on the history of The Arts Council. Her research took her to Canada and America and the book has been 2 years in the making. It certainly sounds like an interesting topic; I was quite surprised to hear that the famous economist John Maynard Keynes was its first Chairman back in the 40s. It was his brilliance and reputation that really managed to get it off the ground in a poor post-war Britain.

It was quite a conversation to start the day – all done before 9am!

Safe to say everything with the move went well and we wish Anna all the success with her new book.