Greenbox Removals v Snow

Woke up at 5.45am on Friday to a white Leeds. A lovely blanket of snow covered the city and it was still coming down from the clouds above.

But we can’t let a little snow impede us, can we? Well, we didn’t.

Greenbox completed the first part of an office move for Milestone Insurance. They were collecting some office furniture from one office and putting it into Big Yellow Storage until it can be transported to their new office in Glasgow at the end of the month.

To minimise the space they would require at Big Yellow Storage (and therefore cost), we dismantled all the desks and tables, bagging and colour coding all the parts so they could be easily reassembled when we get to Glasgow in a few weeks time.

A successful office move: round 1 goes to Greenbox Removals (though it may be a closer contest if it snows for Round 2 and the long trip up North).