Greenbox Completes Two House Moves Over 2 Days in Leeds

(But Hazel’s AI can spot 84 Different Genres of Music and Process up to 5 million tracks a day!)

Greenbox moved Chris and Hazel from Safestore and their flat in LS10 to vibrant Headingley, LS6. It was fascinating to discover that Hazel had recently sold her AI company (that can recognise music genres) to the mighty music platform Soundcloud. Incredible.

It was also amazing to discover that they managed to get all the way back from Singapore (where they were living previously) with their cat on their lap. They flew all the way and just had to take a ferry at the end to get into England – apparently we’re one of the few countries who don’t allow animals to travel with the passengers. The cat had an incredible journey and it saved them £6K in having to put it in the hold.