For Those About To Move – We Salute You

It’s always great to get repeated business from a client and today was just that. We moved Simon and Karen about 6 months ago from Harrogate to Wakefield and today we moved them again, though this time not as far, in fact it was only about a 5 minute drive away.

There was unfortunately a little wait whilst the money transferred and also whilst the (previous) owners of Simon and Karen’s new house finished getting all their belongings out. Simon and Karen were great though, very calm, and even treated us to a soft drink and coffee at the local pub as we waited. We covered quite a lot of ground whilst we sipped, from AC/DC to asyslum seekers to farmyard animal pregnancies. The time certainly passed quickly.

And even though there was a two hour delay we still managed to get all the items off the van, go to get some more items from out of a storage unit in Leeds and back again and unloaded by 5.30pm. Simon and Karen certainly helped to speed things up as they had everything well packed and organised and also contributed a lot with unloading. It was a real pleasure to move two such lovely people.