Emma and Paddy House Move

Well the weatherman said that it was going to be 26 degrees and bright sunshine yesterday – which it was, in some places. Not so much in Leeds though.

I had my shorts on ready. Not that I needed them, it was clouded over and even a little chilly. Fortunately though Greenbox Removals had a house move to complete for Emma and Paddy – it’s very difficult to get cold when your moving someone.

Emma and Paddy had everything ready, all boxed up, and so we got stuck in immediately. They were moving into their first bought house and what a lovely house it was – with a garden that seemed to go on forever, and a laminated man cave as well! Something for everyone, with Emma being a bit of a flower enthusiast and Paddy being… a man.

Both Emma and Paddy helped a great deal with the house move and their sunny dispositions really made up for the lack of sun in the sky.

Great house move.