Greenbox completed a house move on behalf of Hannah last Wednesday but Hannah was down in London so her mum – Ruth – was there to show us what was required. We moved all her belongings into Big Yellow Storage for her and everything went swimmingly.

It was great to meet Ruth and she was ever so kind to Tweet about how the removal went. She forwarded it to me and, because it was so eloquently written, I thought I’d include it in our Blog. It goes like this:

So Mum was lumbered with moving Daughter’s stuff into storage whilst Daughter was at work.
Could have been an utter nightmare especially as Daughter had booked a storage unit that wasn’t quite big enough to take her gear!
But it wasn’t.
Thanks to Edward and his team at Green Box Storage the move went brilliantly.
All done and dusted quickly and efficiently. Nothing broken, nor doors or windows removed just good old hard work, know-how and a smile!
I would recommend Green Box Storage to anyone and I sincerely hope Daughter has booked Ed’s team for the onward journey when she moves her gear out of storage.

Thanks ever so much Ruth.