A Good Move for A ‘Bad Girl’

Well, after Greenbox took a week off holiday, it was great to get back to it first thing Monday morning for a house move from Leeds to Stratford.

The customer was Victoria Pritchard who, for those of you familiar with the ‘Bad Girls’ series, played Trisha. Also, more recently (and locally) she was in The Royal Today.

Victoria was brilliant, and incredibly organised – everything was perfectly boxed and labelled. And even though we began the job at 8am she was full of beans; a tireless lady with a great sense of humour. She really was a pleasure to work for.

And at the Stratford end her friend (Helen) and Mum (Claudia) were there to help. And hats off to Claudia in particular, she was relentless and certainly helped speed things up; I can certainly see where Victoria gets her energy from!