3 Pick-ups, 1 House Move Leeds

Greenbox completed a quotation for Sylvia way back in June for a house move from Otley to Otley, Leeds. I must admit that I was quite surprised to hear from Sylvia earlier on in November when she got in touch seeing if I could help her with her relocation.

It seems like quite a lot had happened since June and her belongings were spread between 3 houses in the Leeds district. No problem for Greenbox though, and we got everything picked-up and dropped off in good time (even though the weather was a little grotty).

Sylvia was great with plenty of hot beverages to keep us going. She certainly maintained a level head even among the hectic house – at one point there were removal people, cleaners, chimney sweeps and coal delivery people all swarming around! Chaos (organised of course) it most certainly was!