House Move from Meanwood Leeds to Keighley

Did a small house move from Meanwood Leeds to Keighley on Saturday.

It was a great house move to complete on a Saturday as the customers – Tracy and Ben – had moved all the small stuff themselves so we only had the larger items to move – which included a canoe of Ben’s.

They were a great couple and had everything sorted and ready to go. Hat’s off to them, they were moving into a property that Ben had completely gutted of all the old cabinets/plaster to make it into a really lovely pad – old stone fireplaces had been discovered as well as original features from over a hundred years ago. He’d done a really fab job and all that whilst looking after a 1 year old little lad!

It was a great house move to complete and a real inspiration. I’m thinking of getting a new kitchen installed this summer and that seemed like enough of a challenge… not any more, it’s small fry compared to what these guys had done!